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Tuesdays 10a-4pm

Wednesdays 10a-3p

Thursdays 11a-6pm

Fridays 10a-1P

Saturdays 10am-4pm


16024 Manchester Road

Suite #215

Ellisville, MO 63011
Phone: 314-556-0773


For reminders and tips on living your best life, find me on Facebook- Meredith Roberts.

Welcome to my practice.

Do you...

  • Have a hard time balancing family, work and personal goals? 
  • Have a project, goal, or dream that never seems to get your attention?
  • Have very little energy left for those things that matter most?
  • Feel disconnected from others and from the energy of life?
  • Have you recently gone through a major life transition such as the birth of a child, a divorce or a new job?
  • Have you lost motivation to accomplish goals that enrich your life?

Creating an authentic life takes time, energy and focus. I am here to be your guide towards an improved life experience!

"Care more about what your soul longs for than what other people think" -Cheryl Richardson

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