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Divorce Coaching -  starting JUNE 1st!

Going through a divorce is hard, and can feel very scary and uncomfortable.  You might feel a mix of emotions such as guilt, relief, excitement, fear or trepidation of your new life and what is ahead for you! 

As your old life ends, what will your new life look like?  WHO are you now?

You may feel burned out from the process of divorce YET ready to rediscover you. 

This is an opportunity to RE-INVENT yourself, INVEST in yourself and FIND yourself and your new normal. 

You have spent years taking care of others... and this transition is an opportunity to take care of YOU. 

Let me help you RECREATE a life of purpose and fulfillment!

Divorce Coaching- signature package

Includes 8 sessions on the following topics:

-Solidifying your personal identity

-Nurturing your passions

-Authentic Communication with Self & Others

-Living with Integrity

-Achieving your highest potential and calling

-Importance of quality thoughts

-Boundaries and Self care

-Creating high-quality relationships


Divorce Coaching- standard package

Includes 4 sessions on the following topics:

-Solidifying your personal identity

-Examination of lost parts of self

-Boundaries and awareness of self

-Self care and Wellness

All sessions are in person in the comfort of my private practice office.  A workbook and journal is included in packages. Spot coaching via email also included in packages.

  I offer coaching appointments on weekdays or weekends to accommodate your schedule.

Please call 314-556-0773 or email for more information!