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Client Testimonials

"My three biggest take-aways from working with Meredith were learning how to let go (e.g., bad ​relationships, things I can't control, etc) and trusting life's process. I obtained skills I could use from session to session and now, lifelong. I also learned how to navigate relationships... including codependent family relationships, changing the part I played in relationships that weren't working for me (i.e., caretaker of others but no one was taking care of me); and learning more about me and the part I want to play in each relationship." GK (former client)

"Meredith has helped me break down positive life changes into smaller goals that are easier to achieve... Knowing that I just have to take small little steps one at a time and knowing I can change direction if needed (being true to myself is a big part of this). Also, learning about myself as an introvert has greatly improved my self-worth and self-esteem. She taught me that I am ok just the way I am! I no longer feel like my feelings are too much or I take too long making's just who I am and it's ok. She has taught me how to effectively communicate with my spouse. I have the tools now to be my own advocate and can communicate my needs in a much more positive manner. Finally, she has taught me to listen to my intuition about self-care first, then family, then everything else. These are all so huge for me!!" AP (current client)

"Meredith has helped me in setting goals that align with who I truly am/want to be, change negative and ruminative thought patterns, and build healthy relationships across all areas of my life." LH (current client)

"Meredith has helped me immensely and I'm very grateful! Specifically, she has helped me heal from deep past hurts and move into a hopeful present; taught me to begin to love myself through the use of tools to build belief in my self-worth, exercise self-care, set boundaries and be gentler with myself. Currently, she is helping me to reinvent myself and find fulfillment as I transition out of my career and into a new phase in life." JK (Current client)

"Meredith has helped me with boundaries, being ok with saying no to others and not feeling bad, and understanding my HSP (highly sensitive person) traits better." KM

"Meredith has literally changed my life for the better and opened my eyes to new possibilities. Specifically, she has helps me to see my own role in my happiness and how to makes choices to work towards that; helps me see solutions rather than only problems, helps me make healthier choices in behaviors, thoughts and feelings, and she has helped me in navigating the challenges of motherhood by giving me strategies, knowledge and a different perspective." A.D (current client)

"Meredith has been such a blessing in my life! When I started sessions with her, all I could see i was red! I was struggling in a failing marriage, and because of this, my focus had shifted 100% to work, and I became a perpetual ball of stress and anger. In short, my priorities, thoughts and emotions were completely out of whack. Meredith helped me to find balance and happiness again. I have made huge strides in being able to manage my stress levels through exercise, self-care and keeping a journal. It's been almost a year and a half since I first walked into Meredith's office. She helps me to stay centered and when I spin out of control again, I know I can always regroup at her office. She brings a sense of calm and clarity." - Dori O. (former client)

"Meredith has, simply put, changed my life. She is a fantastic listener, excellent clinician, and incredibly kind. Additionally, her skills of life coaching have helped make my life more fulfilling and enjoyable. I am the person that I am proud to be today because of Meredith. I couldn't be more grateful."

-Natalie G. (former client)

"Your help with direction, guidance and structure to get my goals accomplished was very instrumental. I appreciate you listening to me and hearing what I was not hearing myself say. You helped me put things in perspective so that I could see reality and reduce my stress."

- Maria P. (former client)

"Your life coaching provided me the accountability that I knew I needed in order to get things done.... Two key results for me were landing a new job that is much more in line with the life priorities that you helped me outline and I lost 10 lbs in those two months! You were very important in guiding me through fears and obstacles in both of those arenas. Thank you for all your encouragement and efforts in helping me to realize what my potential is." - Christy W (former client)

"Meredith has always been there to give objective advice when I need it... not sugar-coated, not necessarily what I always want to hear, but with honesty and a non-judgmental opinion. Unlike most people, I can always count on her to tell it like it is." -Elaine S.

"Meredith is someone who is always honest with me, always encouraging me to reach for my goals, and unconditionally supports me in whatever I do. I feel she understands me even when I do not understand myself." -Michelle M.,

"Meredith is someone that consistently challenges herself and others to learn and grow. I have never felt judged by her, or nervous to confide or share/reveal something to her. With her, I feel safe, supported, and nurtured." -Tracie H.

"Meredith and I have a real relationship in which advice is given without fear of retribution or judgement. I admire Meredith's passion to help others, and she makes an impact on those with whom she comes in contact. Meredith emits positive energy and is a good listener." -Daniel G.

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